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Matthew Epstein

Consulting, Executive Office

Innovator & Consultant - Geospatial, Energy & Finance

Matthew Epstein's Bio:

Matthew Epstein leverages expertise across multiple domains to deliver strategic clarity and actionable insight for corporate and investment clients. Globally-recognized as a creative problem solver and innovator, he draws upon a rare mix of experience in finance, energy and technology. Following a transformative engagement with Google, his current passion is in developing novel geospatial intelligence applications utilizing data from synthetic aperture radar (SAR), high-resolution optical, and multi-spectral satellite signals. Furthermore, he works with technology providers and investors struggling to create and extract value from the proliferation of geospatial machine learning techniques and alternative data streams.

Matthew Epstein's Interests & Activities:

Synthetic Aperture Radar, Earth Observation, Machine Learning, Satellites, Remote Sensing, Geospatial Intelligence, oil prices, option trading, oil field services, equity analysis, commodity trading, investment strategy, neural evolution augmenting topologies, gradient descent, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, student loan crisis, drug pricing, sailing, hiking, camping, dog training, dog breeding, arctic canine working breeds

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